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What is this?

This is a chatroulette-type application built using the Flash VideoIO component on Adobe Stratus service and Google App Engine. This site is just a demonstration of how such services can be built using the generic Flash-VideoIO component, and not meant for production use.

When you land on this page, it prompts you for some nickname, and starts publishing your audio and video stream, after you approve the device access. It tries to connect you with another person who is also on the page publishing his or her video. The status of the connection is displayed in the chat history area. You can also type a message to send to the person you are talking with.

It uses Google App Engine for all session initiation and discovery of other users, and Adobe Stratus to do media negotiation for peer-to-peer media streams. The project contains one HTML file with some javascript and one Python file, with about 400 lines total. There is no authentication, but is easy to add using Google App Engine. You can right-click on this page to view the HTML and javascript source code which contributes to all front-end interactions and shows how to use Flash-VideoIO for chatroulette type applications.

This version of the project uses the Channel API available in Google App Engine for asynchronous notifications of connections, disconnections and chat messages.

You can view the source code of two files: index.html and main.py where former renders the user interface and latter is the back-end service code on Google App Engine.